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Hello Dolling Blog

PaprDoll Eyewear, the pioneering brand that seamlessly blends fashion and innovation with its patented invention, The Eyewear Appliqué, announces its recognition as a finalist in the Accessories Council Design Excellence Awards for Technology and Innovation. This acknowledgment is a testament to PaprDoll's commitment to revolutionizing eyewear by creating a new, exciting cosmetic experience for glasses wearers.

PaprDoll Eyewear launches patent-pending, removable & reusable Eyewear Appliqué invention for optical frames, giving eyeglass wearers the ability to customize the color and style of their name-brand frames on a whim.

Compatible with select styles from Warby Parker and Ray-Ban, in addition to PaprDoll’s own line of frames, consumers can instantly alter the color and finish of their eyeglass frames with the simple peel-and-stick application of a PaprDoll Eyewear Appliqué.