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PaprDoll Launches Innovative, Fashionable Eyewear Accessory: The Eyewear Appliqué


PaprDoll Launches Innovative, Fashionable Eyewear Accessory: The Eyewear Appliqué

DALLAS, TX (October, 2021) PaprDoll Eyewear launches patent-pending, removable & reusable Eyewear Appliqué invention for optical frames, giving eyeglass wearers the ability to customize the color and style of their name-brand frames on a whim.

Compatible with select styles from Warby Parker and Ray-Ban, in addition to PaprDoll’s own line of frames, consumers can instantly alter the color and finish of their eyeglass frames with the simple peel-and-stick application of a PaprDoll Eyewear Appliqué. 

Starting at $11.99 each and with over 24 styles and counting available, there is a PaprDoll Eyewear Appliqué for any mood or occasion. Want Warby in black glitter? Ray-Ban in hot pink? PaprDoll Appliqués seamlessly adhere to their compatible frame, providing an enjoyable, inexpensive new mode of self-expression

“We wanted to make wearing glasses an exciting experience that truly integrates with a wardrobe often you want to buy a wild frame to match a particular outfit or mood, but that gets expensive and it’s not sustainable,” says PaprDoll Co-Founder and optical industry executive, Maria Barnwell. “Our Appliqués give the consumer color without the commitment and the freedom to style their frames whenever they like.”

Just as one would add a coordinating belt to match one's shoes or jewelry to complement a blouse, PaprDoll Eyewear Appliqués give the stylish consumer the ability to tailor their eyewear to their wardrobe. 

A removable and reusable aesthetic invention, the Appliqué not only creates a new model for frame selection and acquisition for the consumer, but also defies current convention in the optical industry leveraging the massive number of frames manufactured and sold each year, PaprDoll creates an opportunity to cut down on expense and significant material waste in the market. 

“Millions of frames are discarded every year, one reason being they’re the wrong color,” says Barnwell. “We provide a more eco-friendly way to bring color to frames, while also creating an additional revenue stream for optical brands and retailers.”

Using their patent-pending technology, PaprDoll can produce Appliqués for most any frame. The collection is expected to grow with the addition of more designer brands and the expansion of PaprDoll’s own frame brand. Paprdoll also plans to sell coordinating nail lacquer. 

PaprDoll is not affiliated with Warby Parker or Ray-Ban.

About PaprDoll 

PaprDoll, a female-founded eyewear company, gives consumers the ability to customize the color and style of their frames on a whim with the peel-and-stick application of the patent-pending PaprDoll Appliqué. PaprDoll Appliqués are compatible with select Warby Parker and Ray-Ban styles, in addition to PaprDoll’s own line of frames. The company is the brainchild of online accessories veterans, Elizabeth Barnwell Meier and Cate Biggs Vosbein, and optical industry executive, Maria Moore Barnwell. The team’s early success selling fashion jewelry online, along with an awareness of the opportunity to enhance the optical frame industry as it relates to fashion and personal expression, helped inspire the development of the PaprDoll Appliqué Technology.


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